Where it all started

Welcome to “Our Culinary Cabaret”! We have talked about starting a blog for almost 5 years
now and we’ve finally made it happen. Join our adventures through travel, food, and life as we share
with you many things we are so passionate about.

Kat and I (Kara) met in 2014 during our college years at Virginia Commonwealth University. It’s
quite a funny story because she was studying Biology and I was studying Real Estate Finance, so we
never had a single class together. A professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, was recruiting on
campus for students to charter the first chapter of AKPsi at VCU and naturally being the extrovert I am
and wanting to meet new people, I decided to check it out. Kat’s cousin was an accounting major and
was intrigued as well and dragged Kat along so she wouldn’t have to go alone. We all decided to commit
to forming a chapter on campus as we were eager for the lifelong network of brothers worldwide. Kat
and I instantly formed a tight bond as we took charge of fulfilling all the requirements to become a
chapter. I was elected president during this period and Kat decided not to join the leadership board as
she wasn’t sure how active she would be because she wasn’t in the business school. We worked many
countless hours together writing bylaws, creating bid cards, collecting dues, and fulfilling member
requests. After 3 months of this, we FINALLY chartered the first chapter of AKPsi on campus. Even
though Kat was not on the leadership board through this process, she became my right-hand woman
and I could not have completed everything without her. This is when I knew this was a forever
friendship. I continued with my presidency until graduation and Kat took the role of Vice President. We
became inseparable throughout college and have remained best friends to this day.

Kat and I share a love for travel and food and quickly discovered this after our first big trip
together to Walt Disney World in July 2014. After many more trips, in April 2018 also at Walt Disney
World (huge Disney people), we threw out the idea of starting a blog based on all our fun adventures.
We love to take pictures, write reviews, and will try anything once. We have always made excuses as to
why we hadn’t started a blog considering we have ZERO experience in blogging, influencing, social
media…you name it! After a recent bucket list trip for us both, we finally decided to commit and do this
thing no matter how hard it would be to get going. So excuse us, as I mentioned before, we know
nothing about this world we are entering but feel compelled to share the journey with you.
We would really appreciate if you follow us on Instagram at ourculinarycabaret as well as our
individual Instagram accounts, karajoforden and laddiikatherine. We look forward to having you join us
on lots of new adventures!

Stay tuned for our first travel article on our experiences in St. Augustine and Miami, Florida.

4 thoughts on “Where it all started”

  1. Sooooo beyond proud of you both!! I am excited to be reading along on your many adventures!! Congrats from a fellow Disney fanatic herself 💕

  2. Is this blog defunct now? There hasn’t been a post in weeks and nothing posted on the Instagram page in a very long time either. The description says daily content posted.

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